Anyone want to develop a new management Pack?

Apr 18, 2011 at 11:53 PM

Hi, Is anyone interested in developing a new xSNMP Management pack for a product that we would like monitored in SCOM? It is an environmental monitor (AKCP SensorProbe2 - We have it successfully added as an SNMP Device into SCOM but would like a management pack and reporting pack created to monitor the specific counters for this device and to provide threshold alerts. Data to be captured would be for Humidity and Tempurature and would need to be stored for future reporting purposes and have the assocated reports (with graphs) availalbe for this MP. Also we would like to be able to alert on Thresholds for Temp and Humidity. There are additional functions that this device can perform however these are the two we are most interested in? Happy to offer compensation of anyone who knows how to develop these management packs within the xSNMP framework and more then happy for it to be published for future use by anyone else wanting to monitor these devices.