Second alert when monitor changes to critical

Jul 26, 2012 at 2:01 PM

I am using the xSNMP Netapp MP and it is working well.  I have one area I am looking for suggestions on how to improve.  We generate an alert for the aggregate/volume space used (xSNMP NetApp File System Percent Space Used) when it hits the 90% threshold, that works fine.

 I would like to generate a second alert when the volume/aggregate hits 95% so as to trigger a page.  Currently it just generates the one alert when it hits 90% and not a second one at 95%, the existing alert just changes from warning to critical.  In reading about this it seems like it is by design and the way SCOM handles the alerting mechanism.  I could just set it to trigger the alert at 95% but we use the 90% threshold as a mechanism to address the issues causing the volume/aggregate to fill.

I understand the source code is open but I have very little experience creating or editing MP's beyond removing dependencies.

 I am looking for suggestions of how to accomplish what I desire.  Thanks in advance.