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Data Domain Management Pack Broken After DD Upgrade


when we upgraded our Data Domains we discovered that they have made changes too snmp. For example disk state is now at OID . instead of . Replica state has also changed it's OID one step and probably other as well. I've noticed these two since suddenly quite a few disks turned red in OpsMgr and then found out that . now returns the size of the disk and not the state.
Data Domain version is now OS
I've attached the latest mib-file.

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krylon360 wrote Dec 6, 2013 at 5:39 PM

OID's changed again with OS v5.

I can't even find the MIB for OS

With Karl being hired by MS to work on SCOM 2012; chances of this being updated will be slim. It would require someone else to update the xSNMP suite to be 2012+ compliant since 2012 uses System.NetworkManagement.Library Reference; and not the old Microsoft.SystemCenter.NetworkDevice.Library reference that 2007; and xSNMP 1.1.1 uses.